Saturday, March 31, 2012

Delivery from Thompson and Morgan

Ordered a Perennial Bumper Pack from Thompson & Morgan a while ago and it arrived yesterday.

Contents consisted of 20 plugs (listed below), 5 packets of veg seeds and 5 packets of flower seeds - not bad for £10 some P&P

The plugs have all been potted up today (though would have been nicer to to this in the sun yesterday but work got in the way.

Several of the plugs look very weak but I'm going to give them all a chance.

Tray 1

Lupin Russell Hybrids (mixed)
Sedum Spurium (red)
Lavender Munstead (lilac)
Lychinis Viscaria Splendens (pink)
Kniphoria Red Hot Poker (white/red0

Tray 2

Dianthus Deltiodes (deep red)
Campanula Carpatica Blue
Campanula Medium White
Campanula Medium Blue
Lupin Dwarf Mxd Colours

Tray 3

Chrysanthemum Silver Princess (white)
Campanula Glomerata Superba (blue)
Gypsophilia Repens Rosea (pink)
Sapaonaria Ocymoides (pink)
Aquilegia Mckenna Hybrids (red/yellow)

Tray 4

Lychnis Chalcedonica (red)
Helenium Sunshine (brown/yellow)
Helenium Bressingham Hybrids (mixed)
Coreopsis Grandiflora (yellow)
Digitalis Foxglove Execelsior (mixed)

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